21 Day Fat Blast

Helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results in just 21 days!

Our 21-day Fat Blast Challenge will help you to drop 1 to 2 dress sizes easily and effectively. The results you will experience will be incredible! We'll provide recipes specially designed to give you balanced nutrition while being simple to follow. You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to use them. Anyone can do this and achieve fantastic results.

If you have an outfit that doesn’t fit anymore, an event to go to, a holiday or birthday coming up and you need to lose weight fast, our 21 Day Fat Blast Challenge can help you to reach your goal.

You want to lose more weight? You now know HOW to do it. You want to maintain where you are and just not gain it back? You now know HOW to do it. You will never again feel that you are at the mercy of your body. You’ll be in control and you don’t have to give that up!

Clear nutritional guidance
You will have an easy to follow done for you meal plan. Designed to guarantee fast results you can see in the mirror.

Accountability and support
A coach who believes in you and will draw out an attitude and performance you will be proud of and much more.

Training sessions
6 x 1 hour training sessions to supercharge your calorie expenditure and compliment your first class nutritional programme.

Guaranteed Results
Two comprehensive body and lifestyle diagnostic, showing you that everything we do brings Guaranteed Results. * Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual. 100% Results Guaranteed within 12 weeks or your money back.

Your 21 Day Fat Blast Challenge will include:

  • Thirty minute initial consultation that includes identifying your needs, setting goals, booking your sessions and your Comprehensive Body and Lifestyle Diagnostic.
  • Nutritional support and guidance, weekly ‘Done for you’ nutrition plans.
  • 2 micro weekly repeat consultations to include, goal setting, Nutrition Support and Physical Assessment.
  • We are master of service and support, whenever you need us we are here to help, no matter what.
  • Amazing rewards for introducing your friends to train with us.
  • Final Evaluation/Long Term Success Plan: See how well you did during the Dress size drop Challenge and let us help you develop a plan to build on the momentum you have created and make 2016 your Healthiest and Best year Ever!

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