"Going to Ignite bootcamp is always an intense, enjoyable & rewarding experience. Phil is very creative with his workouts & gives a great variety of exercises. He is a very good motivator & knows how to push people to get the maximum benefits. I have personally noticed significant improvements in my body & fitness levels"

"I first attended ignite bootcamp as I wanted to loose the stubborn weight after having my 2nd child and to regain my fitness. I had attended fitness classes and joined a gym and although I enjoyed them they were not producing the results I wanted. I needed the discipline of someone motivating me and checking that I was doing the right type of exercise but could not afford a personal trainer. I then found out that ignite ran bootcamps, I went along not knowing what to expect but reallt enjoyed it. There were a great bunch of people there of all different fitnesses, every session is different and the hour just flies by. I can really feel the positive effect it is having on my fitness and I was amazed at how quickly this happened. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to loose weight, increase fitness or build muscle tone.

"I began having PT sessions with Phil in January 2014 after over indulging over Christmas, I am now a year in and having 2 sessions a week, I’ve lost 2 stone 5lb and many many inches, more importantly I feel better in myself and my sleep pattern has dramatically improved. I work in London in a demanding job with early hours, I feel the benefit of my sessions when I wake up in the mornings and have increased energy helping me to stay focussed and concentrate on my job. Working with Phil is certainly hard work but he makes each session demanding yet fun and enjoyable. Phil has helped me with my diet and explained the effects alcohol was having to my body (alcohol and work goes hand in hand), I have sufficiently cut my alcohol intake down which will also help with my long term health. Since working with Phil I have now been able to join a gym and start playing tennis, I also bought a road bike and at weekends enjoy a ride out into the countryside and surrounding areas, without Phil’s dedication into making our sessions fun and rewarding I doubt I would have stuck with it, I have used a few trainers in the past yet Phil has had me reaping the most rewards."

"Ignite bootcamp is hard work but definitely worth the effort. Been going for two years and can definitely see a difference and feel great!!! Phil is my hero!!!"

"Ignite Bootcamp is the most fun and rewarding form of exercise I've ever done! Hard work, but pays off with great results! Would recommend this to anyone of any age or fitness level! Been going for 2 and a half years and feel the best I've ever felt!"

"It may be daunting and painful at times but well worth the effort! Great class with great people, a fell good for all!"

"2013 was my first year at Ignite bootcamp, having been a member of a gym for the past 10 years and not felt like I've been getting my monies worth or results I wanted thought I'd join my boyfriend and others at bootcamp! It's been the hardest, most fun and by far the most rewarding workouts I've ever done! Thanks to Ignite and most of all Phil I'm in the shape of my life!"

"Since starting my PT programme my shape has changed completely. My clothes fit nicer, I feel healthier and I can actually see my muscles defining from week to week. People comment on how well I look and how much weight I've lost which is a huge confidence boost. I've never felt better in my own skin. A year ago I was embarrassed to wear anything fitted or that showed much of my skin. Now I wear what I want and feel good in it! I look forward to each PT session as I know each one is different, challenging and I get pushed to achieve more than I thought I could "

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