VIP 121 Personal Training

Get personal, individualised training at Ignite Active

With our VIP 1-2-1 Personal Training programme, we provide full support in exercise, nutrition, rehabilitation, emotional triggers , motivation and rest and recovery, PLUS we will hold you accountable to ensure results.

You will meet with an Expert Coach 2-5 times per week at your chosen location who will give you experienced, expert guidance through a personally tailored program. You'll get the individual attention, encouragement and motivation you need to help you get the results you want!

If you’ve tried everything in the past and you’re tired of paying for things that just don’t work out, Ignite Active will tailor a fitness programme to your specific goals and needs to produce life changing results, FAST!

You will receive:

Effective Tailored Programme
You will get a bespoke programme, designed to challenge you and bring out the best results in a short time period.

Clear Nutritional Guidance
You will have an easy to follow tailored to you meal plan. Designed to guarantee fast results you can see in the mirror.

Accountability and Support
A coach who believes in you and will draw out an attitude and performance you will be proud of and much more.

Consistent Progress Review
A frequent comprehensive body and lifestyle diagnostic, showing you that everything we do brings guaranteed results.

Private training

Would you like to:

  • Transform the way you look and feel?
  • Have a slim, toned, and firm body that you’ll be proud to show off?
  • Have more energy than you have ever had before?
  • Be able to wear the clothes you have always wanted to wear?
  • Get back into that amazing outfit you own but have not worn for years?
  • Show off your body at the beach? Or wear a sleeveless top?

If the answer is YES, then you should consider our VIP 121 Personal Training programme

You will meet with one of our trainers 2-5 times per week at your chosen location and your programme will include:

  • One hour initial consultation that includes identifying your needs, setting goals, booking your sessions and your Comprehensive Body and Lifestyle Diagnostic.
  • 121 VIP personal training which will be tailored to your goals, offering a varied programme utilising the best in training equipment and techniques.
  • Nutritional support and guidance, a personal nutrition plan, with frequent habit forming reviews.
  • 4 micro weekly repeat consultations to include, goal setting, Nutrition Support and Physical Assessment.
  • We are master of service and support, whenever you need us we are here to help, no matter what.
  • Amazing rewards for introducing your friends to train with us.

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